The Federation of Vinland Freeholds



If the ideals presented on these pages strike a chord deep within your ancestral soul, and you want to be affilliated with like-minded Folk, you may be interested in forming a Freehold and joining us.

Below are the Bylaws of our organization, and in them are laid out our goals. If you are interested in what we represent, contact us. Ask questions and tell us a little about yourself. The procedure for applying for membership is outlined in the Bylaws.


Bylaws of The Federation of Vinland Freeholds


The Federation of Vinland Freeholds (FVF) is established as an organization to provide a community for those groups and individuals here in Vinland who practice the beliefs and traditions of our Northern European ancestors.

As a community the FVF shall provide mutual support, education, assistance, and fellowship to all members in the interest of further promoting and protecting our religion and the ideals upon which it is founded.

As a community the FVF recognizes and supports the traditional family-based, tribal structure and way of life of our Northern European ancestors.

As a community the FVF recognizes that all individuals shall be held in equal status with no discrimination on the basis of gender.

As a community the FVF will neither condone, support, nor consider for membership any group or individuals promoting White Supremacy ideals or agendas, nor those participating in such activities.

A member of the FVF shall have no formal ties, alliances, or oaths of loyalty of any kind with any other religious based organization. Associations, friendships and loyalties to individuals of other religious organizations is acceptable and solely the responsibility of the individual member.

A Freehold may be established by an adult individual, family or group of likeminded adult individuals following and practicing the pre-Christian ethnic religion of our Northern European ancestors.

A Freehold applying for inclusion in the FVF shall first submit in writing a formal request for admittance. They will then have a nine month probationary period. During this probation they shall have all rights, duties and responsibilities of a full member with the exception of voting privileges. At the conclusion of their probation they may send a member of their Freehold to act as a representative on their behalf to the next Thing at which time they may formally request recognition and promotion to full active membership status. A vote will then be taken of all active Freeholds to determine the petitioning probationer's future status.

As an organization the FVF recognizes the sovereignty of each group and individual to govern themselves in accordance with and under the guidance of our Gods, the Nine Noble Virtues, the Laws of the Land, and the Bylaws of the FVF.

All disputes between members of the FVF shall be settled through the arbitration of a Thing in which all active Freeholds shall provide a representative to act as an advisory council to the Founders of the FVF. The responsibility of the final disposition and implementation of the verdict shall rest solely with the Founders of the FVF.

In the event of a vacancy occurring among the membership of the Founders of the FVF, the remaining founding members shall nominate and then vote upon a replacement to fill the vacant membership in a closed door session.


If you agree to these Bylaws, Email The Federation of Vinland Freeholds