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The Feasts of the Sachsen Freehold

By Souveran


I'm a solitary practitioner of our Faith - my wife and kids are lukewarm at best when it comes to the Ancient Ways. So in order to accommodate my family's customs and incorporate them into our faith, I've modified the following - (I haven't read these sagas yet - got this from somewhere on the net):


The Ynglinga Saga, Chapter 8, and also the later Olafshelga Saga, Chapters

104 and 112, mentions three annual sacrifices:


1-towards winter offerings were made for a prosperous year (til árs),

2-in the middle of the winter for fertility (til gródhrar), and

3-towards summer for victory (til sigrs).


So here is a list of the Sachsen Freehold's feasts:


1-Thanksgiving (Oct, here in Canada)

2-Yule (Dec 21 to Jan 1 - the '12 days')

3-Ostara (Whenever Easter is - can't change this without problems...)


During Yule, the 25th is a day we call 'Krismus', a name coined by my son, which is a day in observance of the Gebo rune...


It may not be exactly proper, but it brings us all into observance of some aspect of the Ancient Ways, which to me, is the important thing.


I do my own private observance of other significant dates - especially Walburg, which is the night Odin called me back into the Faith.


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