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Each of the races have their own Gods, Goddesses, demons, devils and stories of their interaction between themselves and humans. This work is about those of the Teutonic race and is based on the research and writings of Victor Rydberg (especially Teutonic Mythology) of which the English translation was done by William Reaves. (Victor Rydberg's Teutonic Mythology)

 The Teutonic race originated in the north, on the southwestern coast of Scandinavia, and from there migrated south to escape the freezing cold which had enveloped the Earth during the war between the Gods and the Original Artists. We did not come from the east, west or south - we are Norsemen.

 The ancient Teutons had a unique and original view of the world. Many of the customs, traditions and beliefs have survived to this very day - albeit in an altered form. For example: Yule (Christmas), Ostara (Easter), the names of days of the week, werewolves, the honeymoon, the stork delivering the baby, Hel (Hell) - the list goes on and on.

They also discovered that themes of the divine and of life tended towards the number three. Examples of this are: the original trinity of forces, the three seasons (spring, summer and winter), The three Norns of Fate, the three patriarchs/matriarchs, Odin's three great sacrificial feasts, and, something I've discovered, the three Ages of Existence.

 I make no claim to originality - I have only compiled and edited the work of Victor Rydberg to make a continuous whole. Any mistakes and omissions contained in the compilation of this work are mine alone. This work is neither perfect nor exhaustive. It was never meant to be. If it wets your appetite so that you delve more deeply into our lore, or even just helps you to understand our ancestral heritage a little, it will have served its ultimate purpose.

 Our ancestors had a love of freedom, a desire to live honorably, and a respect for truth. These were the ideals that our ancestors lived by. They are something to be strived for again, and hopefully this work will inspire those of the blood to aim for these lofty ideals. To that end, I dedicate this work to the service of the Gods of the North.

of the Sachsen Freehold, Western Vinland.

"Hail Gods! Hail Goddesses! Hail to the bountiful Earth!
May we always honor you, and may you always favor us."

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