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Anti-American Sentiments

By Souveran of the Sachsen Freehold


I feel compelled to say something about what I've seen on some Canadian lists - namely the anti-American sentiments of some people.


Let me digress a little here...

Ours is a Folkish religion, a tribal faith that has been instilled in us through our ancestry to the Gods. One cannot deny it without suffering certain consequences - you are 'incomplete'. It is literally "In your blood". It's not 'fluffy-bunny new age' where the sentiment of "If it feels good, do it - all is love" reigns, nor is it one bestowed upon you for your 'salvation'. It is based upon moral values that are in line with our Folksoul, and placed in our hearts by our Creators. Our faith is not universal. It's the same with our Gods. They're not for everybody. (And they can't be distilled down to a form of "One flavour serves all - They are as diverse and valid as we are).


Now, we of the blood have our differences as well - this is what makes us unique individuals, as well as unique tribes (Remember the Gods have different tribes too). This is something to be proud of in our 'cookie cutter' society. Yet we also have a common mindset, (for lack of a better word) that is our link to our Folk-origins. Gleaned from our Lore, these values have been put to words in the form of the Nine Noble Virtues.


Which brings me back to our American brethren:

Just what does it mean to be an American. Is it location? Or the way they think and do things? If it's location, then we are all 'foreigners' to each other. If it's the way they think and do things, I've seen good as well as bad on both sides of the border. Read the Noble Virtues and judge their actions by that code of conduct. And if you judge the whole on the actions of a few idiots, you better take another look at yourself as well as some people in this 'country' of Canada (and I use the term loosely). The US has no monopoly on boneheads. Remember: Don't confuse crass commercialism with Americanism. The Corporate-religion/slave-society is not something unique to the States, nor is it an invention of theirs, for that matter.


The Folk are the Folk, no matter where they live. If they think and act a little different from you, as long as they follow the Virtues, chalk it up to diversity; tribal or individual. If actions are contrary to what's right, then you have every right to object - but not generalize.


When the Allfather called me home to the Faith of my Kinfolk, I felt that a gathering was taking place. But I've seen so much division between the Folk on issues ranging from petty to seriously deluded. If it's wrong, say so. That's your duty. If it's right, say so. That's honorable. But if it's just prejudice based on nationality, then you are no better than the worst racist. (And this applies to European Elitists who look down their noses at Vinlanders as well.)


Myself, I would like to envision the revival of our Faith and Folk as one bringing solidarity and a sense of belonging to a fractured people, bringing us together to work toward common goals regardless of where we live. Am I dreaming the impossible dream? If so, then so be it. When I go to the next world, the Gods can judge me accordingly.