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The Federation of Vinland Freeholds


About the Federation of Vinland Freeholds

Heilsa All Good and Free Asa-Folk,

We welcome you to the Federation of Vinland Freeholds.

If you are looking for self-appointed Gurus, Popes, and/or Petty Feudal Lords...

If you are looking for 'Sheeple' regurgitating mindless PC,
White Supremacist, and/or New Age dogma...


If you are looking for those who only wish to talk about and not actually LIVE the religion of our Northern European ancestors...

Then you have most certainly come to the wrong place.

We are the Federation of Vinland Freeholds. An organization built by and for independent Freeholds - a place to provide mutual support for the growing community of groups and individuals here in Vinland who practice the ethnic religion of our Northern European ancestors.

Every Freehold is a self-governed and independent entity in and of it's own right with goals and objectives of it's own, yet have certain values in common. The Federation provides a structured common meeting ground in which we may all come together as a community to share in knowledge, fellowship and the honoring of our Gods, ancestors, and Wights.

We are a family oriented organization. This means that when it comes to gatherings or even online discussions, there will never be a moment when you worry about your children or wife being present.
We are looking for other families and individuals who wish to share information regarding the history, traditions, lore, handcrafts and religious practices of our ancestors. We are working for a better understanding of our common heritage. We feel that there is much that needs to be recovered and preserved for ourselves as well as future generations.

There are those of us who actually try to live the life lessons of our Faith, (the codes of ethics and behavior expressed within the Havamal, the Nine Noble Virtues, the Lore of our Folk), and we often find ourselves set apart from not only the rest of the "Pagan" community, but much of modern society as well. We consider much of the moral ambiguity and lack of personal honor of this day and age objectionable and insulting. This only serves to further segregate us from the rest of society.
By banding together in solidarity we aid, support, and strengthen each other. As a community we can work for a deeper understanding and acceptance of our Faith and our Folk within the general society. For it is those things that set us apart the most that make us such an integral and essential asset to that very society.

This is an active organization in that all members are expected to participate. It does not matter how long or short your journey has been along this path, we feel that everyone has something to contribute.
If these are some of the things that you are looking for in an organization, then we welcome you to establish your own Freehold and join us in our quest.

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